The 5 Senses

Your poem needs them. Use them!

Make your word pictures come alive.
Senses help every poem jump and jive.

You know them; they’re part of who you are.
Say them now, you poet superstar!

Use your head to start with; that works well every time.
The first sense? Your sight!
The next? Say how you can taste a lime!

The third hides behind your ears.
You know it! You’re a whiz!

Sound helps you understand
what isn’t and what is.

What’s left, you ask? You know by now!
Things hard to do without:
they’re touch and smell.
Now it’s your turn to bow and dance about.

So, let your poem tell us what it looks like in your mind.

What sounds you hear, what tastes you try, the sweet or sour kind.

And then you can add how rough it feels or how it smells, just dare.

We’ll climb inside your words so real,

we all could have been there.